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Fall 2015 Schedule
Winter 2016 Schedule

2012/11/15, MC103, 9:30 - 11:00

The Unique Challenge of Producing Compilers for GPUs
Andrew Richards , Codeplay

Area: Compilers, Parallelism


The main engine of growth in computing power right now is the GPU, not the CPU. This talk will explain why. To enable all this new processing power to be used in software, compilers need to be written which can target GPUs. But, unlike CPUs, GPUs have whole new processing architectures released every few years, and rely extensively on graphics features and parallelism. This creates unique new challenges for compiler developers, which this talk will discuss. Codeplay targets consumer electronics, so the talk will be specifically about the real-world commercial use of GPUs and how to deliver those results to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

Biography of Speaker:

Andrew Richards is the CEO and founder of Codeplay (a GPU compiler developer for consumer electronics companies), as well as chair of the OpenCL-HLM group which is defining a new C++ higher-level GPGPU programming model. Daan Nijs is a GPU compiler developer at Codeplay