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2012/11/14, MC103, 12 - 12:30

Embedded Thin Shell
Olivier RĂ©millard , Master's student, McGill

Area: computer animation


Biography of Speaker:

We present a new technique for simulating high resolution surface deformations of soft objects that have a harder skin. We combine a high resolution thin shell with a coarse finite element mesh, and define a special coupling constraint that allows the formation and shape of wrinkles to be determined solely by the shell and interior deformation parameters. This leads to models that approximate the behaviour of fine resolution simulations without the computational expense of using a large number of elements to simulate deformations under the surface. Quadratic shape functions let us use very coarse finite element resolutions to model the overall global deformations efficiently while avoiding visual discretization artifacts that linear functions would produce on the embedded mesh. We validate our model with high resolution simulations and show examples of our method in the generation of wrinkles for facial and character animation, as well as for soft objects such as furniture.