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Looking for New Developers

The Social Network that will change what social networking means...

We are a startup that is creating a very large social networking site, which we believe can change the way people interact with each other for the better. We consider many things done by Facebook to be wrong and immoral, such as privacy, ownership of information, and the goal of keeping everyone on their site, 24 hours a day, while also displaying your life for everyone to see.

We’ve also come to the realization that a simple clone of Facebook, even with safer privacy and ownership of information, is NOT the way to become big and successful. They are big enough to out-code and out-do anyone else, and by adding to that that 90-95% of people on it simply don’t know about the privacy issues, or just don’t care, this has led us to something different entirely. We believe the key is to provide something that will not interfere with the use of Facebook, but will provide something that people cannot get from Facebook. They can get benefit from using ours, whether they use Facebook or not. We will also ensure that those who do not trust or use Facebook, DO feel comfortable on our site.

The designs and technical specifications are complete and the development has been started. We have funding and we’re ready to go at this full force.

We’re looking for a few talented developers who are interested in being part of something great. They will learn a lot, be constantly challenged, and if they fit well with us, there will definitely be the possibility for future employment.

The languages required are: HTML, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, javascript, jQuery, and the Symfony framework.

It is more important to us to have someone who can absorb information and apply what they’ve learned very quickly, than to already possess all the skills. That said, we will not be requiring you to know and have memorized every possible element about each language above, but we will give several tests, requiring you to demonstrate your abilities, or aptitude at figuring out a solution to something you might never have seen before - we strongly recommend at least knowing how to use the above languages.

If interested, please send your Cover Letter and CV to: