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Math Whiz/Software Engineer

Make a difference in this world!


We're in stealth mode here at Plectix, and looking for people who get really JAZZED about what we’re doing. And, honestly?? It's kinda hard not to. You may not understand everything about our business model RIGHT NOW, but that's for the big important research scientists to get - so they can help our future generations. Once we explain what we're up to, we bet you'll look at us with your eyes wide open, wanting more! We sure did when we first heard. Here at Plectix, we believe our employees are the CORE thing that makes us tick! Our team is energized to help make a difference in this world. If you want to be part of THAT kind of team, let us know.

We're actively adding to our cutting-edge teams. Currently we're searching for a Math Whizz/Software Engineer who can help develop our AWESOME simulation software.


We are using Java in our core simulation technology and need someone who is mathematically minded, has fun with his work, takes pride in their quality, and learns quickly.

If facing the challenges of building cutting-edge technologies is your idea of a good time, then you are going to love working with us. We are solving hard problems and having a lot of fun doing it. Join us.


  • 1+ years of experience in Java
  • Strong CS and Math fundamentals
  • Functional programming experience is a plus
  • Studies in: Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence experience is a plus
  • Ruby on Rails experience is a plus.
The best candidates will have experience with:

  • Dealing with a large code base, complex data structures, and intricate control loops
  • Scalability and performance issues
  • Simulations of complex systems
  • Conducting research on basic algorithms, mathematics (especially graph theory), agent-based models

About Plectix:

We're a dynamic, growing organization. Currently employing over 25 people. Our atmosphere is very casual and we have excellent benefits including 4 weeks vacation, stock options, health, dental and more. Frankly, it's an amazing place to work. Come see for yourself.

If you’re interested in hearing more, please send your resume and contact information to: