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Designer position at NXE

NXE is a private development and research firm located in Laval, QC near Montreal. We build web-based solutions focused on the education sector. We are expanding to brand new, modern and tech-centric offices that will include a cool and relaxing gaming zone, 200 Mbps unfiltered ultra-high-speed internet access and your own dual-screen workstation with the latest hardware. We are looking for passionate designers and developers who want to build great tools that will be used and loved by students around the world. Do you want to be part of the team that has the opportunity to transform the world of education? Can you manage a hard day of intense coding, power naps and playing? If yes, then we want to hear from you!

About the project

kolab is a next-generation LMS and social collaboration platform for students and schools. The platform features a school-oriented calendar, an audio synchronized note taking app, a set of LMS tools for schools and our signature multi-user real-time collaboration editor with chat/audio/video communications; all of that in a social connected experience. We have experimented and worked on a first version of kolab for over a year now and we’re expanding our team to build the next version to be released and integrated in schools around the world.

Minimum qualifications

French and English (Speaking and Writing) Salary to be determined (based on Education and/or Experience) Basic computing understanding (Windows, Networking, Software, etc.) Web programing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) Basic knowledge of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern Experience with Adobe designs tools (Fireworks, Photoshop, etc.) Expertise with visual components (Vectors, Bitmaps, Fonts, etc.) Excellent comprehension of front-end web programing (JQuery, HTML5, CSS3) Work effectively in a team Additional qualifications Expertise with UI/UX Experience with Adobe Flash Previous experience with Version Control (SVN or other) Experience with Nerf guns A profound love for Halo

Design team

The Design team will build the front-end of kolab and manage the visual identity of the project. Your immediate task will be to take the visual mockups of the project (Fireworks PNGs with layers) and code the front-end to be integrated with the back-end and the modules of kolab. The front-end of kolab will have to follow specific guidelines and the MVC model.

If interested, send us an email at with your resume and a little bio about you