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Internship with the Software Evolution Research Group -- Summer 2013

The SWEVO Group at McGill is currently looking for a highly-motivated undergraduate intern to work on new research projects in the area of recommendation systems and software documentation. Successful candidates will get a chance to work closely with our team of researchers and industry partners to design and develop prototypes, analyze a large text corpus using techniques borrowed from natural language processing (NLP), and participate in user experience testing and research evaluation. The work might result in a co-authored academic publication.

Our research group focuses on problems related to the design, management and evolution of software documentation. Knowledge about software is typically captured in a multitude of forms: Companies release an official manual which is often accompanied by an FAQ as well as training material, and users exchange their knowledge on Question and Answer (Q&A) websites, such as Stack Overflow, and they contribute through wikis, mailing lists, forums, and blogs. As a result, information is scattered and hard to find, and little automation exists to help organizations and individuals in managing documentation. We are developing infrastructure to analyze, classify, search, and recommend documentation, and to recover traceability links between documentation and code elements (e.g., classes or methods).

The work will take place in the software evolution lab (McConnell 225) under the supervision of Dr. Christoph Treude. The project is managed by Prof. Martin Robillard.

Candidates should have completed COMP 303, have additional software development experience with Java and Eclipse and with the use of 3rd party APIs, and be willing and able to experiment independently with new technology. Up-to-date knowledge of web technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript) is an asset.

To apply, please email a brief introduction letter and a pdf of your CV to Christoph Treude (, with a CC to The application deadline is March 28, 2013. We are looking for candidates for the summer term. The internship is full-time, with compensation commensurate with experience.