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Contract work in web development

Umobia is a start up that focuses on creating a social service and space about things people own and/or like. In version 1.0 (which is live at you can store information about things you have purchased and track the warranty of these things. Storing the information is facilitated by the mobile application (available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry) which does bar code scanning and product search. In version 2.0 our vision is to create the social space where people can exchange views, comment, advice and in general discuss about the things they own and/or like.

We are looking for individuals who would work with our ideas and try things out in a very agile environment. We want to be turning around ideas and concepts very fast, throw away what we don't think will work and keep on expanding the features we believe will bring value to the end user.


  • Front end WEB UI development in PHP
  • Back end hosting experience (we are using Amazon)
  • Mobile development in Android, Blackberry and iPhone

If interested, contact