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Internship Opportunity with the Software Evolution Research Group

We are looking for a full-time programmer to work on the Qualyzer
open-source project during the summer. Qualyzer is a desktop
application to support researchers in conducting qualitative inquiries
( The work will include development,
maintenance, and testing activities. Because the project is picking up
momentum, it will also be a good opportunity for acquiring experience
with state of the art open-source development practices and visibility
as an open source contributor. Information about the development
environment, including tools, bug database, and requirements, can be
found at

The work will take place in the software evolution lab (McConnell 225)
under the supervision of Barthelemy Dagenais. The project is managed
by Prof Martin Robillard.

Candidates should have completed COMP 303 and COMP 361, have
additional software development experience with Java and Eclipse and
with the use of 3rd party APIs, and be willing and able to experiment
independently with new technology. Up-to-date knowledge of web site
technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript) is an asset.

To apply, please email a brief introduction letter and a pdf of your
CV to Barthelemy Dagenais (, with a CC to