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SOCS Alumni awarded scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

SOCS Alumni, Mr Yang Li, along with a music historian and a law student from McGill, is among five Canadians and 80 students worldwide awarded scholarships from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to study at the University of Cambridge next year.

Yang Li Biography

I was born in China, moved to Belgium and then to Canada. Experiencing three continents and growing up near Montreal allowed me to enjoy the many cultures of the World and I am thrilled to be offered the chance to experience the multicultural life at Cambridge. For my undergraduate studies, I enrolled myself in mathematics and computer science at McGill University where I met wonderful friends and had the opportunity to work and be mentored by excellent researchers. I also had the chance to discover the field of computational biology; I was charmed and then fell in love. Concurrently, I was lucky enough to discover that researchers were working on elucidating the mystery of why we age and I, after my time at McGill was up, moved across the Atlantic to join a group working on computational biology of aging at the University of Liverpool. Aging is a very complex phenotype and my goal is to learn enough machine learning and systems biology techniques in order to model, at least partially, its effect at the molecular and cellular levels. To keep myself sane and healthy, I love to swim, dance and philosophize. For further details, click here.