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Object-Oriented coder with Surgical Simulation R&D Team

Surgical Simulation R&D Team in Montreal-Area

We are constantly looking for good object-oriented coders to join our team in the development of surgical simulation technology. Experience in graphics, simulation and animation is a strong benefit. There are three categories of employees that we often need:

  1. Researchers in computer science (PhD level-graduated)
  2. Computer scientists (Bachelor and Masters level-graduated)
  3. Student internship (second year Bachelor to PhD; as long as you are returning to school for the next term).

Our team in Boucherville leads the NeuroTouch project which includes NRC sites from Halifax to Calgary, as well as 22 Canadian teaching hospitals from Halifax to Vancouver. The high-profile project has gotten significant media and political attention over the last year (TV news, TV speciality programs, radio, newspapers). Just search neurotouch NRC to find out more. It’s a great experience for someone starting out their career.

Interested parties, please send CVs to