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Seeking Programmer for a possible startup

Hello to all,
I am looking to find a programmer/developer who would be interested in getting involved in a project from the idea phase.
I am a recent McGill Management grad, I have a great idea for software which could benefit students of all ages.
I want to be clear that right now I have an idea, a  good idea that definitely has legs, however this is not a startup (yet).
As this will be regarded as a side-project I cannot offer to pay for services, my offer will be to become an equity holder should the idea take form.
If you have always been interested in start-up ventures & new innovative ideas involving software development send me an email.
We can discuss the idea, first see if it is feasible from a technological standpoint and move forward if we find the right fit.
I would be lying if i said i knew which programming competencies you should be familiar with... I am not looking to impress anyone with fake knowledge.
The only thing I am looking for is passion and commitment -  you will know what is needed to create the actual software.
Thank you and good luck!

 Jesse Applebaum