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Startup looking for programmer

Job Description:

We are a start up company. We haven't even settled on a name yet. So you might ask what do we have? We have financing & office space. But who cares about that? What we really have is a great idea. And we've figured out a way to take the concept from an idea and put it out in the real world. And that's why we need you. What can we say about the company? It's a tech startup. We love e-commerce. We love retailing. We see them as being intricately connected. Duh! We are based in Montreal, Canada. We are looking to hire great developers but more importantly passionate developers who will bring something extra to the table. So here's what we are looking for:

Key assets:

Real life programming experience, including web programming.
Open source experience a real plus.
Experience and knowledge in building web services (key).
Mastery of one or more of the common Web development languages (PHP, Python,Ruby) and their associated frameworks.
Comfortable with Javascript and AJAX interfaces.
Good knowledge of databases and SQL.
Intermediate level system administration skills.
Good software engineering practices (source control, testing, bug tracking, deployment, iteration planning, etc).
Good communication skills.
Bonus points for: Amazon Web Services; viz., EC2 and S3
Previous experience at a startup a plus!


Bachelor's degree or higher in a related technical field. We're looking for people who are keen to build something from the ground up, and get results.

If you wish to apply for this position, please email your resume or anything else describing you to