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Software Designer at Cloakware

Cloakware is looking for a software designer to design our WhiteBox cryptographic set of algorithms, including known symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, hashes, protocols, and the like.

Required Skills

· Working knowledge of symmetric (AES,DES) , assymetric (RSA,ECC) key algorithms.

· Working knowledge of hash algorithms (SHA,MD5,HMAC)

· Strong technical English communication skills (both written and oral)

· Previous exposure/knowledge of software security (software cracking, obfuscation, reverse engineering) is an asset.

Required Experience

· Graduate degree in a related field (Comp Sci, Engineering, Mathematics) is preferred

· Hands-on software development experience with Java, C/C++, XML

· Experience in scripting languages and build environments (Perl, Python, Shell, Make)

· Experience writing assembly

· A theoretical background in Cryptography is desirable

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