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SOCS alumni winning awards...

Dr. Maxime Descoteaux '04, University of Sherbrooke, has recently won the Erbsmann award at IPMI 2009 for his paper "Diffusion Propagator Imaging: Using Laplace's Equation and Multiple Shell Acquisitions to Reconstruct the Diffusion Propagator". This prize is offered once every two years for the best paper at the conference by a first time presenter under the age of 35.
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Dr. Peter Savadjiev, Harvard University, has won a 2009 Young Scientist Award at MICCAI for his paper "Local White Matter Geometry Indices from Diffusion Tensor Gradients". He is the only Canadian to win two such awards, his first coming in 2005 for the paper "3D Curve Inference and Diffusion MRI Regularization".
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