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Database design for economic household surveys

PhD student/course lecturer here at McGill needs some help in designing a database to hold economic household survey information.

Payrate: $15/hour (but negotiable)

Start Date: ASAP

Finish Date: Mid- to Late-November

Details: I've spent much of this year overseas, doing fieldwork for my PhD where I collected ~450 household economic surveys in 3 different countries (Tanzania, Uganda and Moldova). Now I have to bring it all together, while keeping it organized. I'm looking to develop a user-friendly database which I can type information into and which will allow me to export to Excel would be great. I would prefer it to be Access compatible, just because I'm most familiar with the interface. But if you know of other database systems, I'm quite open to those as well. If the system could be made web accessible, that would be appreciated.

I attach one of the "forms" I used for Uganda to give you some idea of what I'd be looking for. There are a few small variations on this form in the Tanzania and Moldovan versions.

Please let me know if you'd be interested. Quite willing to meet and discuss the details.


Mark Purdon
McGill School of Environment