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    Information Concerning Funding Forms

    The Personal Data form must be completed, dated and signed. If you should move later in the year, or at any other time, make sure that you make a change of address by revising your Personal Data form (always available in our office). This is important, as the address that will be recorded in your file will be used for mailing the T-4 slips you will need to prepare your income tax returns.

    Tax forms must also be completed entirely, dated and signed whether you are requesting that deductions be made or not.

    • Please remember that even if you ask to be exempted from paying taxes, deductions such as the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and the Employment Insurance are mandatory, as well as the Union dues for Graduate Student Teaching Assistants.
    • In the event that you have asked for an exemption and that your financial situation changes in the course of the year, you may re-submit tax forms if you wish to have deductions made. Again, Tax forms are available in our office.

    You must absolutely complete the Direct Deposit form and attach a blank cheque marked “VOID”. However, the first three cheques may not be deposited directly into your bank account but will be sent to the School. When the direct deposit takes effect, you will still be receiving a confirmation that will be left in your mailbox in the case of graduate students, and at the reception desk for undergraduate students.

    Foreign students must submit a copy of a Student Authorization or Landed Immigrant document when the status changes.

    Students who will receive a fellowship must complete the same forms indicated above and sign an Award Certification form.

    If you do not have a Social Insurance Number, you should apply for one by bringing a letter confirming your employment to the Human Resource Centre’s area closest to your postal code. The School prepares the letter.

    All forms and documents must be returned to Tricia Bernier. If you have any questions, please send an email to:

    Please note: Payroll requests will be processed only after all forms have been returned (including the letter of acceptance where applicable) and that there could be a delay of up to 6 weeks before the first pay cheque is issued. Pay cheques are issued bi-weekly except for Course Lecturers, which are semi-monthly.

    Many thanks for your cooperation.