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COMP-202 to be offered in summer 2010

Introduction to Computing to be offered in summer session.

Looking to learn how to program in Java and get a taste for what computer science is all about? Introduction to Computing, COMP-202, is being offered this summer. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn some new skills in a less hectic atmosphere!

COMP-202 is an introductory course in computer programming for students who would like to understand how software is written and learn the basics of writing their own software. Students will learn and practice with fundamental and modern concepts of programming as well as learn good programming practices. Assignments allow students to gain experience with both numerical and graphic applications; this experience can be extended into further computer science studies or applied directly to a wide variety of domains outside of computer science. Students from a large range of faculties and programs take COMP-202; no prior programming experience is assumed. Computer science students should use COMP-202 as background for COMP-250, and students who already know how to program should go directly into COMP-250, if their program allows it.