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McGill team places 2nd at CS Games

A McGill team consisting of undergraduate students took second place at the CS Games competition last weekend at Université de Montréal. The competition involved 27 teams from over 20 different Canadian and American universities, and spanned several different topics.

McGill's team won the Operations Research competition as well as the Optimization competition, and was also awarded the best team participation award (Team spirit). In addition, the McGill team finished among the top 3 in each of the Debugging, Math and Logic, Scripting, Software Engineering and Theory of Computation/Algorithms competitions.

The members of the team are:

  • Jonathan Pullano (Captain)
  • Robert Aboukhalil
  • Ali Assaf
  • Andres Franceschi
  • Julia Evans
  • Alexandre Lang
  • Alexandre Vassalotti
  • Abbie Desrosiers
  • Scott McMurray
  • Yang Li
  • Mathieu Lavallée-Adam (Coach)

The School wishes to convey our thanks and admiration to the team members and the coach for their efforts and great skill. Bravo!