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2008 SOCS Undergraduate Research Symposium Results

The 2008 SOCS Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium was held August 29th. Each year, the quality of the research and presentations takes a leap forward from the previous year. 2008 was no exception. 18 students participated, sharing the results of their summer's labours with their peers.

The winners of the 2008 Undergraduate Research Excellence Prize are:

1st Prize
Anqi Xu: Fourier Tags: Smoothly Degradable Fiducial Markers
2nd Prize
Artem Kaznatcheev: Evolutionary Game Theory
3rd Prize
Jan Florjanczyk: Information Locking in the Black Hole Information Loss Paradox

The 3 winners have been invited to represent SOCS at the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Conference.

Congratulations to all participants!