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Postdoc Abubakr Muhammad's book published

Dr. Muhammad's book Graphs, Simplicial Complexes, and Beyond: Topological Tools for Multi-agent Coordination has just been released by VDM Verlag.

Book cover

The book, based on Dr. Muhammad's prize-winning Ph.D. thesis, builds a bridge between algebraic topology and robotics.

From the jacket: The increasing pervasiveness and accuracy of sensors, unprecedented automation of data collection, extremely cheap storage and rapid dissemination of data by communication networks have enabled researchers to think about deploying swarms of cooperating robotic agents for various applications. However, the conception of such large-scale systems is contingent on efficient methods to deal with an explosion of data. Thus the main challenge in this field has shifted from difficulties in manufacturing to the lack of theoretical foundations for provably correct design and deployment. This monograph offers a unique perspective on the solution of such problems. It introduces some novel methods for dealing with the spatial complexities in robotic networks. At the same time, it makes connections to several emerging disciplines in engineering and mathematical sciences, most notably computational algebraic topology, graph drawing, networked control, sensor networks and distributed optimization.