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Godfried Toussaint Honoured as Professor Emeritus

Godfried Toussaint

At the convocation ceremony of May 29th, Godfried Toussaint was made a Professor Emeritus, recognizing his distinguished career in the School of Computer Science. Sue Whitesides, Director of the School, gave the following address on the occasion:


Mr. Chair of the Board, I present to you and to this house Professor Godfried Toussaint, a member of the School of Computer Science.

Prof. Toussaint is a world-renowned authority on computational geometry, and indeed one of the founders of this field. During his 34 years at McGill, he has maintained a prolific and innovative research profile. A Killam Senior Research Fellowship winner, he holds numerous awards and continues to serve on the editorial boards of several international research journals.

As you will recall from Dean Grant's remarks, in the Faculty of Science at McGill, the best researchers are often the best teachers, and the best teachers are often the best researchers. Prof. Toussaint is an excellent example of this phenomenon. Not only is he a star researcher, but also, he is a superb teacher. In 2001, he won the David Thomson Award for excellence in graduate teaching and supervision. His demanding course, COMP 507 Computational Geometry, has challenged and inspired many McGill students over the years. The resources he and his students have created on the course web pages are a gold-mine for the community.

Most recently, Prof. Toussaint has embarked on an exciting new research initiative in which he combines his expertise in geometry and pattern recognition to explore the evolution of rhythmic patterns in music, dance, and drumming. This has attracted media attention and has created a research link between the School of Computer Science and the Schulich School of Music. Prof. Toussaint's curiosity and far ranging interests continue to inspire students and researchers world-wide.

Mr. Chair of the Board, it is with the greatest pleasure that I present Emeritus Professor Godfried Toussaint of the School of Computer Science.

Sue Whitesides Director, School of Computer Science