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Bureaucracy in Retreat

Two School of Computer Science students' ideas win in McGill Cut the Red Tape contest.

Like any big university, McGill has its share of inefficient bureaucratic processes, but it's trying to improve. A recent university-wide contest aimed to identify policies or processes with no sound academic or administrative justification and that impair service to current or prospective students. Two of the ten winning suggestions came from School of Computer Science students:

Suggestion 1:

  • Mohamed Layouni, PhD student, School of Computer Science
  • Issue: Paper Casual Employee Time sheets are inefficient
  • Solution: Online electronic time sheet

Suggestion 2:

  • Zhentao Li, PhD student, School of Computer Science
  • Issue: Redundant forms for accepting an award/scholarship
  • Solution: Simplified Minerva-based process

In addition to the gratitude of their peers, Layouni and Li each won 100 dollars for their ideas.