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ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

Student Eric Dallal reports on the McGill team's adventures in the 2007 ICPC:

For years, McGill University has sent a team to compete in an international programming competition. The ICPC is a three-person competition with each team assigned to a single computer and given 5 hours to implement solutions to as many problems as possible. The McGill team's journey this year began with a trip to Springfield, MA, where we faced off against teams from MIT and Harvard, among others. We got off to an early start and held on until the end to finish in second place, only behind MIT, but ahead of Harvard. As a result, we moved on to the regional final, for at least the third time in four years. We therefore traveled to Rochester, NY, where we finished fourth in the Northeast North-America regional final. Generally, two teams advance to the world finals from this region, so this year MIT and Brown will be moving on. McGill nevertheless had one of its best results ever, coming within one question of the coveted second place and a berth in the world finals (hosted by the University of Alberta in Calgary this year).

Two of the three members from this year's team will be retiring due to age restrictions. We will nevertheless remain involved with the team. I (Eric Dallal) will be a coach for next year's team, and we may have a second coach as well. The team members would like to thank the School of Computer Science for their ongoing support over the years and look forward to working with new team members next year in the hopes of continuing this successful tradition.