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Collaborative Open-Source Software Development for Undergraduates

Interested in working on collaborative open-source software development as part of an undergrad project course? Then read on...

Over the past year, the University of Toronto has been piloting a new program in which senior undergraduates from several different universities work together on open source projects. Each student registers in a project course at his or her home institution (COMP-400 or COMP-396 here at McGill); students are then put in teams of 4-6 that span several schools to get some hands-on experience with the working practices used in distributed teams.

In Fall 2009 this project involved 45 students from 14 universities on 8 different projects including geospatial database extensions, configuration tools for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, soccer-playing robots, and a variety of others: has the complete list, along with a map of schools currently taking part. We are now recruiting students for next term (Jan-Apr 2010). The project list is still being finalized, but if you have a strong B or A average and are interested in taking part, please contact Prof. Joerg Kienzle, who will forward your information to the program organizer.