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David Titley-Pelqouin wins the Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award

David Titley-Pelqouin, co-supervised by Prof. X.-W. Chang and Emer. Prof. C.C. Paige, has been awarded the Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award by the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society. The award recognizes an outstanding PhD thesis in Applied Mathematics defended at a Canadian University.

David's research interests research interests lie in the field of scientific computing, more specifically numerical linear algebra. His Ph.D. thesis has made several important and interesting contributions to the backward perturbation analysis of linear least squares problems. One of the most valuable of these is related to the design of stopping criteria for iterative methods for solving large sparse least squares problems.

David defended his PhD Thesis "Backward Perturbation Analysis of Least Squares Problems" in September 2010 and is now a a postdoctoral fellow in the Numerical Analysis Group of the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. His stay at Oxford is funded by a Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Congratulations and all the best wishes for your stay at Oxford, David!