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PhD. student M. Boucher wins Startupifier contest!

From graduate student to entrepreneur

The Startupifier Bootcamp was held on 22-24 October 2010 at McGill University. The goal of the event is to keep the startup community vibrant and get more students and professionals creating startups. A diverse mix of participants from Engineering, Design, Marketing, and Computer Science collaborated in teams during the weekend to create, build and launch a product. From the School of Computer Science, PhD student Maxime Boucher teamed up with Logan F. Smyth (Master student in Electrical Engineering, McGill University) and Simon Mathieu (computer engineer at Vlam Inc.) to develop an online tool, called PyAlpha, which supports mathematical computation - a smaller version of Matlab. Maxime Boucher says "The idea for the project was mostly an idea in the back of my mind and stems from the belief that in the future, the speed of the internet will bring a lot of opportunity to develop web applications that requires no installation and allows anyone to work from any computing device. Matlab is a good target to be ported online because it is a software that is very expensive, most people use a small subset of the toolboxes and yet is still widely used in many communities. There are open source libraries that does the same thing as Matlab and there is no reason why online computation cannot be run on cloud computing. Thus the only thing that is needed to bring an online Matlab to reality is a good implementation."

Of the 10 competing projects, the PyAlpha project won the best product award from Startupifier! The team was awarded 1000$ (offered by Hopper Travel) and three work session with funding agencies graciously offered by BDO, Embrase and StartupCFO. The team plans to develop PyAlpha further on a part time basis while Maxime and Logan continue their studies.

Congratulations, Maxime!

You can check out PyAlpha and read about the latest developments at blog.