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J. Frank's doctoral work featured on Discovery Channel

Walk the walk: Gait-based Biometric identification for smart phones

As part of his PhD, Jordan Frank is currently investigating methods for modeling human behaviour using data collected from smartphones. In particular, he has developed a system called WalkID that can identify the person carrying a mobile phone based on their gait, or style of their walk. This means for example you will not need to lock and unlock your smart phone by typing in a password -- instead, the smart phone will track who is carrying it based on how people walk and using this information the phone will be able to identify you. If you are rightful owner, then you are allowed to use it without identifying yourself with a password. But if you are not the rightful owner, the phone remains locked. Recently, his work was featured on the Discovery Channel. You can watch it online here (the segment starts at 8:24). Cool stuff and well done, Jordan!