I was born in wednesday february 1st 1978 at 1:00 AM. But we were two to be born that day : me and my sister ! Yes, I have a twin, and her name is Samia ! My native town is Menzel Temime : a very beautiful and lovely town on the Mediterranean sea.

Primary and Secondary School
I had 6 years of primary education in a school that had my name : Zhioua Primary School !!! My favorite course was mathematics. My Secondary education was also in my lovely town, it took 7 years. In these years I enjoyed computer science and especially Sports !!

University (part 1)
At 18 years old, I left my lovely town, Menzel Temime, to the capital, Tunis . I studied in Tunis III University , precisely in the High Institute of Management. I was specialized in Computer Science applied to management. I enjoyed Data Structures especially trees and graphs. In 2000, I had my diploma after 4 years of studies.

Job : Teacher
I worked as a teacher in a secondary school in United Arab Emirates. The school is called Oqba Ibn Nafee Prepartory School. I taught Computer Science, of course. I stayed 1 year in United Arab Emirates , but I've got a lot of friends ( Hi my friends in U.A.E !).

University (part 2)
In 2001, I came to Quebec , precisely to Laval University , to continue my studies in Computer Science. Quebec city is a very beautiful town, especially when it snows : where everything is white, even the sky in the night !! But if you didn't visit Québec city until now, believe me .. it's cold ..

University (part 3)
After I had my M.Sc. degree from Laval University in 2003, I moved to Concordia University in Montreal to start a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Unlike Laval University , Concordia is a large urban University located in downtown core of Montreal . So, good bye to the quietness of Québec city, welcome to the stress of Montreal downtown !!!!

University (part 4)
After one year and a half at Concordia University and after finishing my courses and pre-doc exams, I decided to continue my PhD thesis at Laval University !!! Now I know it : No University has a more wonderful campus than Laval University !

University (part 5)
After successfully defending my Ph.D. thesis on January 31st, 2008 at Laval University, I started a Post-Doc at McGill University. Hence, after 25 years spent studying, I am still a student !!!

I got married on August 6th, 2005 at 27 year old .. her name is Karima .. a Computer Scientist (of course) ..

A Baby
His name is Mohamed and he is the best gift I ever had in this life (al hamdou Lilleh, thank you God) .. He was born on August 6th, 2006 .. yes .. exactly 1 year after my wedding .. is it beautiful .. !