Our lab plans to recruit several Ph.D. students, visiting scholars, postdocs and undergraduate and Masters' students.  Students and visitors will be working on exciting and cutting-edge projects in Computer Systems and Networking with high impact. We have received multiple significant and generous research grants from NSERC, CFI, FQRNT, MITACS, and industrial partners to support these research. Our research results have been published in top venues with significant citations, and have been featured in various news media. Please apply by email with the documents detailed below.

For All Applicants:

   Please apply by email with a detailed CV as PDF attachment. Preference will be given to candidates who already have Master degrees in related fields such as  computing systems, embedded systems, communication, networking, mathematics, statistics, control, optimization, physics, or other EECS-related subjects.  Exceptional undergraduate students with considerable research experience may also be considered.  Please read at least one set of my papers and indicate in the application (1) what is your career goal (dream jobs) and why?  (2) what makes you stand out from other applicants and why you think you will be successful, (3) which set of papers of mine you read and give a summary (4) what you propose to do in my research group , and (5) why the proposed research relates to my current research.

Disclaimer: Due to the large amount of emails I receive every day, I may not be able to reply every email for application. I apologize in advance.