travis batzer

I am a Computer Science and Accounting student at McGill University. I have developed
a passion for programming and I am excited to involve myself in the thriving tech
universe. My non-professional interests include word and stragety games, skiing, all things
culinary, and travel. I have a particular interest for smoothies, roasted animals (primarily
lamb and fish), cheeses, chess, and East Asia, though I'm open to all foods and places.
Professional Goals:
I plan to work in New York in the start-up/small company world after my graduation in 2012.
Companies that have piqued my particular interest include Tasting Table, Meet Up, Charity: Water, Benchmark Real Estate
and TED. In an ideal world, I will work for TED after graduating from school which, though not exactly a start up
per se, is one of the most interesting companies around in my opinion.
Right now, I work for a company that owns this stuff:
It's pretty fucking sweet.