Amir Yahyavi

I am a PhD candidate at School of Computer Science of McGill University (Since September 2009) and a member of DISL Lab where I'm working under the supervision of Dr. Bettina Kemme. I am interested in Distributed Systems, Networking, Cloud Computing, and related research areas. I like research projects with practical applications that have theoretical backgrounds. I have worked on distributed cheat-resistant game engines and mobile systems, future internet architectures, player mobility prediction, NPC performance analysis, and wireless sensor networks. In my free time I enjoy reading, movies, sports (swimming, volleyball, squash, etc) and going out with friends.

I worked as a visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) working on XIA (eXpressive Internet Architecture) for a few months. My work was on content push and multicast support. For more information on my education and research please see my CV.

Research: My PhD research is mostly on distributed cheat-resistant support for multiplayer online games (MOGs) and related topics. Very few computing applications are as demanding as multiplyaer games in terms of requirements on low latency, scalability, security, and fault tolerance. The techniques used to address these requirements can be applied to other fields of computing as well.

We are working on a range of projects such as distributed cheat resistant architectures, player interest modeling and behavior prediction, probabilistic neighbor discovery, and dynamic load balancing in multi-server environments. These projects run on different platforms such as: our modified Quake III game, PeerSim simulator, a number of python scripts as well as Mammoth a multiplayer game research framework. The solutions proposed for multiplayer games can in many cases be applied to other distributed systems. During my MSc and BSc I did research on wireless networks. You can see my projects page and my CV for more information about my research.

Areas of interest:
-   Distributed and Scalable Systems
-   Computer Networks
-   Cloud Computing
-   Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Last update on: October 2013.