Sophia Knight

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Université de Lorraine
Nancy, France

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I am a postdoctoral researcher at LORIA at Université de Lorraine, in Hans van Ditmarsch's CELLO team. I am funded by CNRS. My research interests are modal logic, concurrency, games, topological reasoning, and security. I am currently working on a logic for analyzing the effects of asynchronous communication on knowledge as well as an ATL-style logic for modelling agents' abilities and knowledge under uncertainty. I am also developing a constraint programming language with modal information, in order to reason about knowledge and information flow among agents in a distributed system. Finally, with Aybüke Özgün I am working on topological semantics for dynamic epistemic logics.

I received my PhD in 2013 from LIX at Ecole Polytechnique. My supervisors were Frank Valencia and Catuscia Palamidessi. I was in the COMETE team. My dissertation analysed the flow of information between interacting agents, particularly in security applications such as anonymity protocols. I studied this problem from various perspectives: modal (epistemic) logic, process algebra, and games.

I received my Master's degree from McGill University's School of Computer Science in 2009. My supervisor was Prakash Panangaden. I was in the Reasoning and Learning Laboratory. My thesis was about a game semantics for a process algebra modelling information flow between agents in anonymity protocols. I also worked on developing an epistemic temporal logic.

Working Paper
  • H. van Ditmarsch and S. Knight. Partial Information, Knowledge, and Uniform Strategies. Under submission, 2015. [pdf]

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  • The Epistemic View of Concurrency Theory. Defended 20 September, 2013. [pdf]

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