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Donate and Help

Without donations from supporters and child sponsors our work simply would not be possible, and every penny we are given is a great help towards our work. But do not forget that there are many other ways to help us. Linking to our website is also of real value to us.

We value volunteers who donate their time: they drop into our office and help us with paperwork (sending out information to people about their sponsored village for example) and others who help us with editing or writing news.

If you would like to support us with a gift you can sponsor a child, support us with a monthly gift or through a one off donation for charity. If marathons or charity challenges are for you, we can support your needs as you fundraise for our orphan charity.

Support our charity projects through your school or company or set up a group in your local community and raise awareness for orphans.

Remember our charity and help us give children a family for life.

Hope to orphans, sponsor a child Regular support gives orphans a future Make a one off gift to care for orphans worldwide
Involve your school with our charity education projects Fundraising for orphans in need Get sponsored and rise to the challenge for orphans
Volunteer and support orphans worldwide Charity Legacy for orphans gives hope How you can get involved with SOS Children
Charity Christmas Cards Charity supporter groups giving hope to orphans
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