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From: Barthélémy Aneau, Picta poesis (1552)


Astronomon vulgo conceptus fortè rogabat.
Esset in hoc Mundo quo patre progenitus?
Huic ille ostendens coelum, Cascúmque sedentem,
Hic pater est (inquit) corporis, ille animi.
Cui puer indignans. quae supra nos nihil ad nos.
Et genitum tali me piget esse sene.
O summa impietas, non velle agnoscere patrem!
Factorémque sui non reputare Deum!

"A child of the mob once asked an astronomer who the father was who engendered him in this world? The scholar pointed to the sky, and to an old man sitting, and said: “That one there is your body’s father, and that your soul’s.” To which the boy replied: “WHAT IS ABOVE US IS OF NO CONCERN TO US, and I’m ashamed to be the child of such an aged man!” O WHAT SUPREME impiety, not to want to recognize your father, and not to think God is your maker!"


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