FORTRAN 90 and Algorithms by Gerald Ratzer The chapter summaries that follow are meant to give the reader a quick idea of the material covered in the textbook. It should be noted that apart from the textbook published by Kendall/Hunt of Dubuque, Iowa, there is considerable CAL - Computer Assisted Learning - material associated with this course. Accompanying the textbook is a diskette with all the programs in machine readable form. The files for each programs, any input data and the output from running each program is shown. Although the textbook only covers FORTRAN 90 and the algorithms, these same programs are also shown in C, for cross reference purposes. For the algorithm section there is a comprehensive set of demonstration program to show, in a graphical form, how the algorithms work. For all the major sections there is a set of CAL quizzes for students to test their knowledge of the course material. All these files are available over the Internet.