Hello World!

Tags: pyBlag, blog, blogging, projects

Hello World! This is the first blog post ever written on my simple, feature-light, easy to use collection of blogging scripts, which I am calling pyBlag. You have to write the posts in html, and I'm actually writing this post directly into an XML file because I haven't actually writteng the post editing/creation script yet, but it looks like it's going to work pretty well. I decided to write this collection of scripts because I thought it would be fun. So far, it has been. Writing CGI scripts (or anything, for that matter,) in Python is pretty easy, and a lot of fun. I'll post the source code eventually.

The template file is a single html file and a single css file. This makes things a lot simpler to deal with. There are no fancy statistics features, though I'm thinking about writing a simple hit counter at some point. If you want a full-featured blogging application, go get Wordpress. This is just a fun project. Also, the total file size - themes and all - is a few kilobytes, and installation is as simple as copying a few files into your cgi-bin directory.