April Zzzzzzz

Tags: McGill, pyBlag, exams

Rarely do I follow the tradition of April Fools, though I rather like the concept, and I'm afraid that today will be no exception: I simply don't have the energy to spin some line of bull about some insane thing I've done, or awesome feature that I'm "about to add to pyBlag." Well, except for pyBlanalytics (the pyBlag hit analytics engine,) which should be completed by the end of the day.

I spent last night tossing and turning, the morning in calculus class, and now I'm grading physics assignments. For the past few weeks it's been a Friday ritual of mine to buy some stale coffee at the McConnell caf, sit down in the oddly located yet surprisingly convenient bar chairs in the McConnell hallway, and commence grading. I grade a problem and check my e-mail. Grade another and complete a few typing excercises (as I've already pointed out, I'm a NERD.) Finish one more problem and do something else. It's a good ritual: I get coffee, and I get things done. However, I'd gladly give up my coffee to have summer be here already, and to have done well in all my exams.

I'm not particularly worried about any of them (except calculus: calculus always scares me,) but all of them together just seem daunting. Exams are often like that: they seem like a huge, towering, hulking obstacle that you couldn't possibly tackle until you think about what exams you're actually taking and what you have to know for them. My first step for studying is always to make a list of everything I have to know for the exam, and I'm usually surprised by how little I have to know and how much of it I already feel confident about.

As far as pyBlag goes, yesterday I started coding an editor. I settled on a simple GTKBuilder GUI that will create new entries, edit old entries, delete entries, and sort them. Adding all these features to my editor meant that, to do it properly, I had to create a new class for posts, which was more work than I had wanted to do on this quick and dirty blogging script. I was going to have to do it sooner or later, but I wanted to avoid it so I wasn't tempted to rewrite pyBlag using the new class. Thus far the temptation has been manageable. For those who are curious, I publish posts with a Makefile. All it does is scp a local copy of posts.xml to my CS home directory when I type "make publish," and overwrites the old posts.xml on the server. Simple, but effective. I do the same for the pyblag script.

In other news, The Alchemist, the show for which I am the sound designer, is showing tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30 in Moyse Hall, and will not be showing again! So you should come: it's a fantastic show; one of the best I've worked on in years.