Update to pyBlag

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If you can't already tell, I'm kind of enthused about how well this pyBlag project has turned out. I just spent a few minutes to finish implementing the tag search feature; you can now click on tags to see all posts that are tagged with them! What I find so exciting about pyBlag is how little time it has taken, and how many features I was able to just throw in. For example, you may have noticed that the welcome post is sticky. How did I accomplish this? Well each post has a number associated with it so that the posts get sorted properly. This rather uninteresting feature enabled the addition of two other features: sticky posts and hidden posts.

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Third Post

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There: I fixed it. For those interested, I simply added a list of the posts, had my XML parsing code add the post text to a list, and then add the text one by one to the page. I think I'm finished for today. For the record, not including the time I've been thinking about how I would write this code, it has taken me two hours to write this script. It's 79 lines of code, including comments and whitespace.

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Second Post

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This is my second post! I don't think it's going to work though... because of the way I wrote the XML parsing portion of my script, I think this, the second post, is going to replace my first post. Unless, of course, the CS gods are smiling on me, and have decided to allow my computer to figure out what I meant to tell it to do instead of doing what I actually told it to do. I find this extremely unlikely.

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