Test Post

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What follows, dear reader, is an essay describing, in three parts, the reasons why I decided to include absolutely no content in this post. This essay, as you may be wondering, has been generated by the lovely software pyBlag, which was so kind as to fill in this blank space.

I am a silly user.

I don't check my forms before I submit them.

I don't know how to use my mouse/keyboard/eye-tracker/telekinetic-mouse-pointer/magnetized-needle properly, so I press buttons rather at random and submit things without meaning to.

In conclusion, I'm silly, and need to proof my work before I submit it. When I discover this rather embarassing post, I'm going to go back and delete it. Thank you for your time, dear reader, and I hope you wander this way again. And remember: always check your forms before submitting them.

April Zzzzzzz

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Rarely do I follow the tradition of April Fools, though I rather like the concept, and I'm afraid that today will be no exception: I simply don't have the energy to spin some line of bull about some insane thing I've done, or awesome feature that I'm "about to add to pyBlag." Well, except for pyBlanalytics (the pyBlag hit analytics engine,) which should be completed by the end of the day.

In other news, The Alchemist, the show for which I am the sound designer, is showing tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30 in Moyse Hall, and will not be showing again! So you should come: it's a fantastic show; one of the best I've worked on in years.

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Pages, Excerpts, and Links

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I hadn't planned on working on pyBlag today... but I had some free time, so I did. During this free time, I managed to add three new features: pages, excerpts, and links to entire posts from excerpts. You can now click on the title of each blog post and get to that post only. Each post also has an excerpt tag, which will be shown on the main page instead of the entire content of the post, which saves a lot of space.

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