Quantum Information and Black Holes


March 12-16, 2007

Bellairs Research Institute

Schedule and slides

The third annual Bellairs Quantum Information Workshop will be devoted to “one-shot quantum information theory” and its possible applications to physics. Most results in asymptotic quantum information theory assume some regular structure in the noise or data source being analyzed that may be inappropriate to the study of real physical systems. This workshop will be devoted to studying frameworks more appropriate to the study of physical systems and possible applications in condensed matter and quantum cosmology.

The workshop lectures will include an introduction to quantum information as well as presentations by each of the participants on relevant research questions. These lectures will occupy about two to three hours a day with the rest of the time devoted to brainstorming solutions.

Paul Alsing (USAF/New Mexico)
Charlie Bennett (IBM)
Frederic Dupuis (Montreal/McGill)
Patrick Hayden (Organizer - McGill)
Stephen Hsu (Oregon)
Nima Lashkari (McGill)
Debbie Leung (Waterloo)
Jonathan Oppenheim (Cambridge)
Don Page (Alberta)
Ivan Savov (McGill)
John Smolin (IBM)