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Repss, 2012-2013, a programming language for writers (blog)

Naive-Needleman-Wunsch, 2012-2013, a modification to the famous Needleman-Wunsch algorithm

Naive-Needleman-Wunsch-Sequence-Generator, 2013, started a necessary side project, it's a new type of DNA sequence generator for creating and managing artificial phylogenies

*Will be exhibiting this project at the 14th Annual Bioinformatics Open Source Conference in Berlin!

Rubber Tacos, 2012, a fun game released by Sava Transmedia (iOS/Android/Facebook) where I worked as a software developer creating the framework for character animations. I was also involved in physics simulation, low level system architecture, optimization and memory management, and backend programming to support the game's social features

TT-2010, 2010, a unique program that uses the single concept of "factoring" to build mathematical intuition in many different areas at once (number sense, fluid-intelligence, etc). Appropriate for all ages, and capabilities. Available only on Mac

President, 2009, card-game based on the Japanese game Dai Hin Min

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