Exactly-Once Interaction in a Multi-tier Architecture

B. Kemme, M. Patiño-Martínez, R. Jiménez-Peris, J. Salas
Multi-tier architectures are now the standard for advanced information systems. Replication is used to provide high-availability in such architectures. Most existing approaches have focused on replication within a single tier. For example there exist various approaches to replicate CORBA or J2EE based middle-tiers, or the database tier. However, in order to provide a high-available solution for the entire system, all tiers must be replicated. In this paper we analyze what is needed to couple two replicated tiers. Our focus is to analyze how to use independent replication solutions, one for each tier, and adjust them as little as possible to provide a global solution.

VLDB Workshop on Design, Implementation, and Deployment of Database Replication, Trondheim, Norway, August 2005.

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