W O O L M A R K     G I F

this woolmark image is the reason for 30% of all hits this website receives. so now it has its own page.

*new* download image in vectorized format woolmark.svg, created with Inkscape's 'trace bitmap' tool.

i used the woolmark as an example of good logo design, and as a logo, it is a perfect specimen. i decided this while working on the design and interpretation of logos in a computer graphics and perception course. though i haven't created a computational model of good logos, interested parties are free to look at my presentation on logo design Logos: processing, perception and cognition (1MB pdf).

like many good logos, the woolmark is a projection of a recognizable real shape known as a trefoil knot. it is a simple knot and can easily be created and visualized. i made one by ripping off a 1.5 cm wide strip of paper, drawing a line on one face lengthwise. i then made a knot in the middle of the strip by crossing the ends to make a loop, pulled the overtop end through the loop and then glued the ends together without flipping the faces (the drawn line should connect). it looks like this, but much flatter.

the woolmark is just a rendering of this 3d knot - imagine it flattened out and such a length that the inside face isn't seen. the woolmark depicts only the 'front' face of the knot (the face with the yellow line in the image above).

l i n k s

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