Jonathan Tremblay

PhD candidate at McGill University, Montréal, working in Artificial Intelligence

My main interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital games, game theory, etc. How do these interesting topics can interact with each other in order to emulate human players playing digital games? As of right now, I am trying to address this question, please consult my publications to see any advancement on this interesting problem.

I am also very interested in building better companion buddies for games. This problem is complex and very interesting. In order for a companion to properly accompany a human player, she needs knowledge about the player's state, assessments, preferences, style of play. etc. This by itself is already an interesting field. With this knowledge, the companion needs to make the right decision about what to do next or not to do. Even with this knowledge, the companion has to evaluate and react optimally to different situations.

In my spare time I like to ride my bike around Montréal during the summer. During the winter I like to ski as well, snow is just the greatest thing.

Stealth Level Tool

We develop a tool that allows to create stealth level. When your level is created we ran our player simulator in it. The designer can then look at the most likely path a player could take. This allow designers to get immediate feedback on there design.

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Adaptive A.I.

In certain modern games, the player is given the chance to play with a companion (follower). This companion is mostly used to carry equipment e.g. Skyrim. We are interested in building an adaptive companion that completes the player's actions instead of imitating them.

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Dynamic Difficulty

In most modern games, difficulty is foreseen by designers. This means that it will perfectly match one particular type of player or set e.g. hard, medium and easy. We are interested in building a system that matches the difficulty to the player's skills level.

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Game Design

Other than A.I, I am also interested in game design. I am fascinated with understanding the concept of conveying a message through game actions, e.g. the meaning of time by controlling it in Braid. In this section you will see some of my prototype games.

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I started photography in high-school and since then was not able to stop. I am intrigued by capturing, in aesthetic, the mark humanity is making e.g. a lamp post on a rock cliff or the grandiosity of a city. In this section you will see some of my favourite shots.

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