Assistant Professor

School of Computer Science
McGill Centre for Bioinformatics
McGill University

Head of the Computational Structural Biology group

Other affiliations:
Research affiliate at the MIT Computer Science and AI Lab
Member of Pharmaquam

Research area:

Computational molecular & structural biology.


I did my PHD in the computer science laboratory (LIX) of École Polytechnique in France, where I worked on transmembrane protein structure prediction algorithms under the mentorship of Jean-Marc Steyaert.
In January 2005, I moved to Boston to work with Peter Clote on RNA secondary structure prediction algorithms and I resumed a work I started during my PhD on the development of algorithms for exploring the RNA mutation landscape. Six month later, I became affiliated to the Bonnie Berger and Srinivas Devadas groups in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT.
In July 2006, I joined the Applied Mathematics Department at MIT as an Instructor and I worked there until June 30th 2009. I joined McGill on September 1st 2009.
Now, I am assistant professor in the School of Computer Science of the McGill University and a a member of the McGill Centre for Bioinformatics. I remain affiliated to the CSAIL as a research affiliate.