Hamed Hatami

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science
Associate Member, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University

E-mail: hatami at cs . mcgill . ca

Office: McConnell Engineering Building, Room 328

I recieved my PhD from Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto under the supervision of Professors Michael Molloy and Balazs Szegedy. Then for a year I was a Veblen fellow at Department of Mathematics, Princeton University.

Research Interests: Analytic methods in Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science, Additive Combinatorics

Current Teaching (click here for past courses):

  1. Comp 760: Harmonic Analysis of Boolean Functions (Winter 2014). Tuesdays 3:00-4:30 at McConnell 103, and Thursdays 11:30-13:00 at McConnell 320.
  2. Comp 360: Algorithm Design Techniques (Winter 2014).


Selected Publications:

  1. H. Hatami, A structure theorem for Boolean functions with small total influences,
    Annals of Mathematics, to appear. [arXiv]

  2. H. Hatami and Shachar Lovett, Higher-order Fourier analysis of F_p^n and the complexity of systems of linear forms,
    Geometric and Functional Analysis, to appear. [arXiv]

  3. H. Hatami and Serguei Norine, Undecidability of linear inequalities in graph homomorphism densities,
    Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 24(2) (2011) pp. 547-565. [arXiv]

  4. H. Hatami, Graph norms and Sidorenko's conjecture ,
    Israel Journal of Mathematics 175(1) (2010) pp. 125-150. [arXiv]