It's Me!

Hello everyone!

I am currently a master student in Computer Science at McGill University under the supervision of Joelle Pineau. I am a also member of McGill's Reasoning and Learning Laboratory.

My main research interests are machine learning, artificial intelligence and combinatorics. I like to tackle challenging projects from the solving to the coding!

This website is brand new (and not yet complete). I plan to add new sections once I have more time, as I am currently writing my master's thesis. Wish me luck!

Recent News

October 8th, 2012
Author: Guillaume

I took this new profile picture in St-Jovite (Qc) last weekend. The colors were amazing!

September 30th, 2012
Author: Guillaume

Hum. New website. I guess?
Oh, I will change my profile pictures as soon as I get a decent one. I tend to makes weird faces on all my photos :P

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