Gabriel Gaudreault

I am a master's student at Concordia University, Montreal, in formal linguistics. Two of the biggest projects I've worked on in the past years are:

Conjunctive Event Semantics for Pregroup (and Minimalist) Grammars
The question I'm working on right now is how to incorporate event semantics within pregroup grammars without resorting to the montagovian functional approach. Pregroup grammars are an interesting framework to do this in because of the "non-functional" aspect of its types and because of the syntactic hierarchy of types already in place which can be extended to account for semantic processes such as existential closure. I'm also trying to extend the technique to Minimalist Grammars, which share a lot of properties with Categorial Grammars.

Term-Calculus for Semantics in Pregroup Grammar
With this work, I worked on creating a functional semantic calculus which I combined with the pregroup grammar framework to allow semantic extraction of the logical form of a sentence, at the same time as doing a grammaticality check. The goal was to create a system 1) whose behavior was similar to the way semantic analysis is done using traditional categorial grammars and that 2) followed as closely as possible the internal structure of pregroup reductions, so as to keep a low overall complexity. The structure of this extra layer is inspired by the lambda-calculus, although there are major differences, the main one being used function compositionality as its main operation, which account for the compositional nature of pregroup contractions. For this to be done, the structure of pregroup types had to be changed and some traditional types dropped in order to make the system more logical and suitable for semantics. I presented this work at NLCS 2015, CoCoNat, and TOM 8.

This past summer, I was an intern at Nuance Communications, where I worked with the Natural Language Understanding team on data visualization tools. I also worked on the LingSync linguistics database project as a software developper during Summer 2014.

Prior to my arrival at Concordia, I did a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University. My main interest during those years was formal logic and its different forms and uses in fields such as mathematics, computer science, linguistics, and philosophy. 

I am also starting to look for job opportunities, not only in the domain of NLP, but also in anything related to Data Science. I have a strong mathematical background, have worked with many programming languages in the past, and have work experience in Web Development, NLP, Data Science, Tutoring, and Edition.

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