FEB 2014

Hey Trottier-dwellers!

Last November, we found out about the loss of Trottier rooms 3060/3070 and wrote about it. The post can be found here. There have been some recent developments which you should know about.

The Current Status of Third Floor

First of all, the good news is that the department has agreed to let us take room 3090, empty it out, and turn it into a lab as compensation. To make this happen as soon as possible, we would love to have volunteers help us empty the room on Tuesday February 18th between 1-5pm. If you are interested in helping us out, please get in touch! The faster we get the room emptied out, the sooner we’ll have more student space in Trottier.

With regards to 3060/3070, we have confirmation from Dean Grant that these rooms are definitely going to be transferred to the department of Physics as space for a research grant. Unfortunately, this is non-negotiable. The Trottier space is the only suitable location for this research on campus at this time, and the contract stipulates that research must begin by a certain date.

3070 is still available to us, and 3060, which was previously closed, has been opened for use as student study space. The department of Physics doesn’t know exactly when renovations will begin, but we have been told to expect that both of these rooms will be emptied and closed off before the end of the semester.

The Long Term

In the short term, we expect the addition of room 3090 will be sufficient in maintaining a positive environment for the CS community. In the long term, the Dean of Science has told us that finding more space for Computer Science is one of his top priorities to accomplish before the end of his term. The department is keenly aware of the space shortage faced by CS students. We have worked on improving communication between us and the administration in order to make sure we’re both on the same page regarding issues that concern students. We will do our best to work with them to reach a better long-term solution.