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In this tutorial, we present a paper by Joseph O'Rourke (see references for more details about the paper) that describes a method to connect a set of points in the plane to form "meaningful" polygons. It seems that no one else has tried to extend or apply the results presented in this paper. For that reason, this tutorial is a graphical representation of the concepts that are shown in the paper by O'Rourke.

This tutorial will make an extensive use "slideshows". The principle is simple, whenever an image containing a numbered label (like the one shown here on the left) appears in a page, that means it is a slideshow. To browse through the slideshow, you only need to click on the image and the next one will appear. The explanation of every image is the corresponding element of the numbered list on the right and bottom of the image. The text corresponding to the current image will be displayed in bold characters.